7 Easy Excursions in Mallorca

At Runaway Experiences, we recommend this selection of 7 easy excursions in Mallorca that you can enjoy with the whole family, allowing you to explore the magnificent mountains of Mallorca.

Mallorca is perfect for excursions since it tends to have very little rainfall. In any case, we recommend avoiding rainy days, and especially the stifling hot days of summer. Discover with us these 7 easy excursions in Mallorca.

Remember, the best time to start your outings in the mountains of Mallorca is early in the morning. That’s a perfect translation! It’s already in English. If you need any further assistance, feel free to ask. And most importantly, the mountains of Mallorca are a World Heritage Site, and keeping them clean is everyone’s responsibility.

This post is created by local experts, and we suggest easy excursions in Mallorca that you can enjoy with both children and less experienced friends.

The Foradada Excursion

Sa Foradada

Among the 7 easy excursions in Mallorca, one of the simplest to undertake is the descent to Sa Foradada. One of the most famous and well-known rock formations in Mallorca, known for its hole and viewpoint, which we already mentioned in the post ‘The Best Sunsets in Mallorca,’ also offers an excursion accessible to the majority of the public, although there are always exceptions.

The excursion starts from the houses of Son Marroig, crossing an olive grove and descending through the slope until reaching a small pier. The excursion has an average duration of 2 hours one way and 2 hours return, covering a total distance of about 7 kilometers. However, the most challenging part is the return, as the ascent involves an elevation gain of about 444 meters. Still, there’s no need to worry about the difficulty since reputable hiking apps like Wikiloc categorize it as Easy.

The ascent to Puig de María

Views from Puig (Pollensa)

Located in Pollensa, its 325 meters in height make this excursion probably one of the easiest to undertake.

The route starts from the Pollensa road itself, and you just have to follow the path along the mountain. At the summit of the mountain, you will find a 14th-century church founded by nuns.

The duration to the summit is approximately one hour, and you will be able to delight in magnificent views of the Bay of Pollensa and the town of Pollensa.

Excursion to Puig de Randa

Puig de Randa

Between Algaida and Llucmajor lies a magical mountain where the majority of Mallorcan folk tales and real stories of Mallorca originate.

The mountain of Randa, with a height of 540 meters, is an easy excursion in Mallorca. It can be reached through a winding road of about 5 kilometers, which starts in the village of Randa.

During the journey, you will come across the Sanctuary of Gracia and the hermitage of Sant Honorat. Upon reaching the summit, you will come across the Sanctuary of Cura, where you will find the best 360º views of the entire island, from the most central point in Mallorca.

The Cala Figuera Lighthouse

The Cala Figuera Lighthouse

Indeed, it is an easy excursion, and its route offers views of the sea, passing by bunkers, tunnels, and abandoned army artillery.

With its 14 kilometers of distance, it’s a circular route that will take you through Portals Vells Beach, all the way to the Cala Figuera Lighthouse. In fact, you can extend the excursion all the way to El Toro.

This is an easy excursion that you can comfortably complete in 5 hours, without the need for significant physical preparation. The best part is that it’s a circular route, allowing you to explore different landscapes in a single outing.

La Trapa

Views from La Trapa

If you’re looking for a short and easy excursion, going to La Trapa is your ideal choice for a family outing. However, there are several options that can make the excursion a bit more challenging, so be sure to choose the path that avoids the Cala En Basset Tower. Your only concern will be the elevation gain in some sections, although it will never exceed 333 meters, according to Wikiloc.

Upon arriving at the ancient monastery, you’ll have incredible views of the entire Dragonera island and the entire coast.

The Galatzó Excursion

Hiking up to Galatzó

The emblematic mountain of Palma and Calvià is Puig de Galatzó. It’s also an excellent excursion in Mallorca where you’ll get magnificent views of all of Palma and the Sierra de Tramuntana.

This trail leads you to a crossroads where wooden signs indicate the way to go. The only thing that’s a bit more challenging is the end, as in the final stretch, you have to do a little climbing, but it’s not too difficult.

Torrent de Biniaraix

Views from the excursion

The circular route of Torrent de Biniaraix is a hike
Perfect for beginners looking to get into the world of hiking. It’s short enough not to be a major challenge, yet it offers just the right level of difficulty to keep things interesting.

Starting from Biniaraix itself, you’ll continue straight until you reach a fork. Take the right path along Camí Vell, which involves an ascent
Pronounced, demanding, and fun, we recommend taking this route if you’re in good shape. When you reach the top, you’ll have the views of all of Soller at your feet.

You will pass through a small ledge until you reach the stream, where if there is water, you
will be able to see the waterfall. This place is ideal for having a picnic. On the way back, continue along the cobblestone path and the streambed until you reach the crossroads we mentioned earlier. You will have completed the circular route in approximately 3-4 hours, including the necessary stops and at a very leisurely pace.

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Easy Excursions in Mallorca

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