Skiing in Andorra

More than 300 km of white snow-covered slopes span the two major ski resorts. Grandvalira and Vallnord are the suitable places for all levels in the skiing paradise. This makes them the ideal spaces for skiing in Andorra.

Where to ski in Andorra?

Ski resort

Grandvalira and Vallnord are the ski resorts in Andorra. Despite being only two resorts, they have over three hundred kilometers of slopes available for skiing, making them the best places to practice this sport.

The slopes are suitable for all levels. However, it is important to keep in mind that snow sports come with their risks, so it is advisable to take lessons, especially if we are going on a family vacation.

Grandvalira Ski Resort


Grandvalira Ski Resort offers 128 slopes of different levels and more than 200 kilometers, making it the largest in the entire Pyrenees and Southern Europe.

Organized into 6 sectors: Soldeu, El Tarter, Canillo, Pas de la Casa, Encamp, and Grau Roig. To access them, you’ll need to get the Grandvalira ski pass, which will grant you access to the entire Andorran ski resort.

The slopes of this ski resort are located at an altitude of 1700 to 2600 meters, which means high-quality untouched snow can be found practically all over the mountain. However, in case of any weather-related issues, all slopes are equipped with artificial snow machines.

Among the slopes you can find at the Grandvalira ski resort are the traditional green, blue, red, and black runs. It also features a 12-kilometer cross-country ski trail, 4 competition stadiums, 4 snowparks, and 5 children’s areas.

Vallnord Ski Resort


In the western area of Andorra, you’ll find the Vallnord ski resort.

Previously, they were two separate ski resorts: Pal Arinsal and Ordino Arcalís. However, in 2005, they merged and unified the ski areas between the parishes of Ordino and La Massana, creating a total of 93 km on 70 ski slopes.

The sectors of the Vallnord ski resort are Pal and Arinsal, which are connected by cable car, and Ordino Arcalís, which is not connected to the first two. As a result, there are two different ski passes for each sector.

Pal and Arinsal have very beautiful slopes surrounded by a pine forest at an altitude ranging from 1000 to 2500 meters.

Ordino Arcalís, however, has much firmer snow as it is located further northeast and at a higher altitude, between 2000 and 2600 meters.

In the Vallnord ski resort, you can also find 11 slalom slopes, 10 mountain skiing routes, and unmarked off-piste routes.

The great advantage of Vallnord is its free bus service that connects the principality with the slopes continuously.

Where to Learn to Ski in Andorra

Learning to Ski

Both the Grandvalira and Vallnord ski resorts have a large number of instructors who offer initiation and improvement classes starting from 6 years old. Therefore, you will have no problem starting to practice this sport.

What is the best time for skiing?

What is the best date for skiing?

The ski season in the principality of Andorra usually starts in December and ends in mid-April. However, every year, weather conditions can advance or delay the start or end date of the season. Despite this, the best time to practice this sport in Andorra is January and February.
The end of the ski season usually falls at the end of Easter week, so it’s possible to ski in Andorra in March.

Ideal for going with children.

Andorra with children.

Having children should never be an obstacle to enjoying sports or traveling. For this reason, both Vallnord and Grandvalira have suitable facilities to introduce your children to activities related to snow and skiing. Therefore, they will be well taken care of and can enjoy the snow with the utmost protection.

Additionally, Grandvalira also has 4 nurseries for children between 1 and 4 years old, making it the ideal place to visit with children.

What else can I do in Andorra?

Andorra without skiing

Skiing is the most fun and popular experience in Andorra, but sometimes we want to take a break for a day or two and prefer to do an alternative activity.
For this reason, ski resorts also offer alternative experiences such as, for example:

  • Snowtubing.
  • Mushing.
  • Snowmobiling.
  • Snowshoeing.

You can also purchase a non-skier pass that allows you to access areas for a walk or to enjoy the snow. In Vallnord, there’s also the option to take a cable car ride in La Massana. If you want more ideas on what to do in Andorra, we advise you to read our post.

These are our recommendations for skiing in Andorra. We also invite you to explore all the experiences we offer at Runaway Experiences.

Skiing in Andorra

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