Naturland: Natural Park in Andorra

Naturland: Natural Park in Andorra is an outdoor activity center that offers a range of challenges for a peaceful yet exciting day in the natural surroundings of Andorra.

The experience at Naturland: Natural Park in Andorra is unforgettable. Whether you’re several meters high or at ground level, you’ll enjoy exploring the forest and admiring the mountains. You’ll enjoy pure adrenaline with friends or family, with the most fun outdoor activities in Andorra.

What does the Naturland single entry ticket include?

Naturland: Parque natural en Andorra

Naturland is located on the mountain of Sant Julia de Lori in Andorra. It is divided into two zones, one at 1600 meters and the other at 2000 meters. The ticket is a single entry and allows you to participate in all activities. From visiting the animals to the cross-country skiing pass.

What animals are there in Naturlandia?

The Naturland Sanctuary provides you with the opportunity to interact with different animals. At their Conangle farm, there are 22 deer and 15 sheep and goats, in addition to wild boars, foxes, donkeys, roe deer, and other domestic animals.

What is the Tobotronc?

Naturland: Parque natural en Andorra

The Tobotronc is a roller coaster through the mountain. It is a car with two seats on rails, so it could be considered a roller coaster.

You start at the bottom and ascend for 15 minutes on a cable that goes up the mountain. However, in the mid-season, access to the Tobotronc is done at 2000 meters since it is the only operational access zone. However, during high season, it starts at 1600 meters.

Its length is 5.3 km, making it the longest natural toboggan run in the world. Additionally, it has a vertical drop of 400 meters, allowing speeds of up to 35 km/h.

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"Naturland: Natural Park in Andorra"

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