Caldea Spa

Caldea Spa is one of the unforgettable experiences that Andorra offers.

Caldea is the largest spa in southern Europe and one of the benchmarks for thermal leisure. Located in Andorra, it is the quintessential experience to have during a weekend in the country of Andorra. Its spectacular pools make Caldea’s thermal leisure center the perfect place for a unique getaway.

How much does the entrance to Caldea cost?

Balneario de Caldea

There are different passes available to access the Caldea thermal center, so the price varies depending on the access time, age, and whether it is for Termolúdico or Inúu.

The prices to enter Caldea Spa range from 30€ for an adult entry in the morning, up to 62€ for the evening session at Inúu, which is the most expensive.

What is included in the Caldea admission ticket?

All passes to Caldea Spa include access to the 3 spas: Termolúdico, Inúu, and Orígenes. In addition to the activities, workshops, gym, and guided classes. Everything except for massages, which have an additional cost.

Bath materials such as bathrobe, towel, and slippers are also included.

Additionally, there are also special offers that are very worthwhile, such as the Termolúdico entrance + dinner at the Blu restaurant or the combo of skiing + spa + hotel.

What is the Inúu Caldea?

Inúu is the adult-only area of the spa, making it the perfect place to unwind in a peaceful and tranquil environment. It encompasses the thermal baths, the lagoon that extends to the exterior of the facility, treatment cabins, the gym, and the Private Wellness area – this is Inúu Caldea.

How many pools does Caldea have?

Balneario de Caldea

The Termolúdica area of Caldea is where you’ll find the outdoor lagoon and the indoor lagoon, in addition to all the thermal pools, water jets, whirlpools, etc… In short, everything you could ask for in a spa.

When was Caldea built?

Caldea is the largest thermal spa in southern Europe, created in 1994 and designed for wellness and relaxation thanks to the contrast of its thermal waters.

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Caldea Spa

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