Visiting the Drach Caves in Mallorca

Visiting the Drach Caves in Porto Cristo is the ideal plan to do with the whole family. These wonders of nature are not always within everyone’s reach, which is why visiting the Drach Caves is an essential experience on your next trip to Mallorca.

Considered one of the great treasures of the island, the Drach Caves are composed of four interconnected caves: the Black Cave, the White Cave, the Luis Salvador Cave, and the French Cave.

Excursion to the Drach Caves

Drach Caves

Indeed, Mallorca is known for its incredible beaches and coves, but in addition, this island is filled with dreamlike places, such as the Drach Caves. That’s why this excursion, which lasts approximately 90 minutes, is the perfect plan for those days when you don’t feel like being in the sun, although the caves are open year-round.

When visiting the Drach Caves, here’s what you shouldn’t miss:

La Bandera
Baths of Diana
Details of the Ceiling
Small Lake
Snowy Mountain
The Concert
Boat Ride
Lake Martel

Concert in the Drach Caves.
During the tour, you’ll be able to see a large number of stalactites and stalagmites, until you reach Lake Martel, which is one of the largest underground lakes in the world. In addition, you can board a small boat to enjoy the unique and wonderful experience that the Drach Caves offer: a live classical music concert.

Where are the Drach Caves located?

Inside the Drach Caves

Mainly, there are two ways to get to the caves. The first is to go by car directly. The Drach Caves are located in Portocristo, to the east of Mallorca, at the address: Ctra. de les Coves, s/n, 07680 Porto Cristo, Illes Balears.

Another way to get to the Drach Caves is by taking bus 441 from the Plaza España Intermodal Station (Palma). The journey to the caves takes approximately an hour and a half.

Beaches near the Drach Caves

Cala Varques

Given the location of the Drach Caves and the short duration of the experience, when you visit, you can make the most of the day to explore the coves that are nearby. At Runaway Experiences, we want to share with you a list of some of the beaches closest to the Drach Caves:

  • Cala Varques
  • Cala Falcó
  • Cala Mendia
  • Cala Anguila
  • Cala Murta

Drach Caves ticket prices

Cuevas del Drach

The ticket price for entry to the Drach Caves varies depending on where you purchase the tickets and whether they are for children (online €9 / at the box office €10) or adults (online €16 / at the box office €17). However, this price only includes admission and does not cover transportation, a guide, etc… For more information, we advise you to visit our Drach Caves experience on Runaway Experiences.

The History of the Drach Caves


Who discovered the Drach Caves?

During the Middle Ages, the Drach Caves were already known; however, they were not fully explored until 1896 by E.H. Martell, who discovered its lake.

What does the name Cuevas del Drach mean?

What does the name Cuevas del Drach mean? It was said that this mythical being, the protagonist of many stories, resided there, guarding a treasure in these spectacular caves. However, “drach” also refers to a lizard, a very characteristic animal in the Balearic Islands. Therefore, everyone can form their own theory about the origin of this name.

Photos of the Drach Caves

The Drach Caves are a natural wonder that must be preserved. This is why taking photographs was prohibited until recently. However, it is now possible to take photos inside. Here is a carousel of photos from inside the caves.

You can visit the Drach Caves in Mallorca by booking through this link: Runaway Experiences.

Visiting the Drach Caves in Mallorca

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