Beaches to Visit with Children in Alicante

This year, going to the beach sounds very appealing, and in the province of Alicante, we have some of the best beaches in Spain. But which are the best beaches to go with children in Alicante? It’s important for a beach to have certain features when going with children, such as:

  • Having fine sand that children can play with, build castles, or roll around in freely. Also, it’s important for setting up our umbrella.
  • The beach should be as flat as possible and not have dangerous slopes.
  • Having a lifeguard service is important… just in case.
  • Having swings and play areas. Having more children around is a plus. Additionally, having gentle waves is important. We don’t want our little ones to get scared in the sea.
  • Having easy access to the beach. We already know that we need to bring more stuff than others.
  • Other amenities can be a plus, such as foot showers, beach bars, and restaurants for dining, etc.

So, discover with us this list of the best beaches to go with children in Alicante.

Campoamor Beach or La Glea, Orihuela

La Glea Beach

La Glea Beach is located in the Campoamor urbanization, which is why it is also known by this name. It is one of the well-established beaches in the town of Orihuela. We like it not only for the beach conditions themselves, but also because if you get tired of the sun and heat, you have a pine forest behind you where you can find shade and some picnic areas to have something to eat or drink.

The beach holds a Blue Flag and the SICTED quality seal. It stretches over 500 meters in length and is 50 meters wide with fine golden sand There is usually no waves, and the depth is ideal for children.

It offers many services, such as lifeguard assistance, which is very important. There are also foot showers, restrooms, trash bins, a children’s play area, and the possibility to rent various water attractions for the parents’ enjoyment. They often install floating platforms in front of the beach, which is enjoyed by both children and adults. You can rent sunbeds, and there are beach bars and restaurants in the area where you can grab a snack or have a meal if you decide to stay there.

Les Marines Beach, Denia

Les Marines Beach

Among the best beaches to go with children in Alicante,this Blue Flag beach is one of the largest in the province. It stretches over 2 and a half kilometers in length and has a width of 80 meters of golden sand. With easy access and parking along the beach, it is one of our favorites for taking the children.

We highlight the lifeguard service, trash bins, restrooms, and foot showers among the services provided. It also has playground areas for the little ones to let off some steam in the sand.

For everyone, we have the option to reserve sunbeds, a beach bar, the possibility to rent rollerblades or kayaks, for example, and many restaurants in the northernmost area where you can enjoy a variety of cuisines.

A family-friendly and peaceful beach, a sure bet for spending a typical day of vacation, which is exactly what we want in some situations. It’s a perfect beach for going with children in Alicante.

Arenal Beach, Jávea

Arenal Beach, Jávea

We love Jávea because it has wonderful coves,but today we’re talking about Arenal Beach. We love this beach because it’s cozy and has everything you need in a bay that prevents too much wave action. Here, you’ll find meters and meters of shallow waters. It is approximately 500 meters long and 80 meters wide.

It is a Blue Flag beach, equipped with lifeguards, foot showers, restrooms, children’s play area near the promenade, and many restaurants of all kinds where you can dine at reasonable prices. You can inquire even more at the tourist information booth right there.

Central Beach, Villajoyosa

Central Beach

We are fascinated by this beach not only for the beach itself, but also for the promenade that runs alongside those wonderful colorful houses that captivate tourists and, of course, children. It is also famous because it is where the traditional Moorish landing takes place during the Moros y Cristianos festivities in the town.

Playa Centro, with its Blue Flag designation, is a beach with fine sand stretching nearly a kilometer and a half long and 30 meters wide. It’s a beach where there’s usually little wave action and where you can use restrooms, foot showers, trash bins, loungers, and umbrellas. There’s also a lifeguard station.

You can engage in various summer sports by renting equipment right there, and the children can have fun playing on one of the attractions set up on the sand.

There is parking next to the beach, although depending on the time, it may not be so easy to find a spot right there. Along the promenade, there are shops where you can buy souvenirs and plenty of restaurants to grab a bite to eat.

Playa de la Fossa, Calpe

La Fossa Beach.

The Fossa Beach in Calpe is amazing for several reasons that kids will love. On one hand, you have beautiful and natural views of the majestic Peñón de Ifach. Depending on the age of the children, you can go up with them and they will love the views from the top. On the other hand, behind the beach you have the Las Salinas de Calpe, where you will see a lot of wildlife. You will be able to see flamingos and other types of birds that will delight the little ones.

The beach itself is fantastic. Blue flag, crystal-clear waters, and almost a kilometer of fine sand with a width of 40 meters. Low waves and plenty of space to walk out into deeper waters. All ideal for going with children and feeling safe.

Of course, it has lifeguards, restrooms, foot showers, rental of sun loungers and umbrellas, trash bins, and a tourist information point where you can ask anything you need for your getaway or vacation.

For the older crowd, we offer summer sports equipment rentals, a wide range of shops, and a variety of restaurants and bars.

Muchavista Beach, El Campello.

Muchavista Beach

We commit to the number two with something we know never fails and will not leave anyone dissatisfied who visits.

This wonderful beach for children in Alicante is a typical family-friendly beach that has been a favorite for the residents and tourists of El Campello for generations. With a length of nearly 3 and a half kilometers and a width of 80 meters, this fantastic fine sandy beach boasts a Blue Flag status and spectacular cleanliness.

The beach is equipped with foot showers, restrooms, rental of sun loungers and umbrellas. Additionally, in the summer, it hosts sports events, a library, a playroom, and even movies during certain periods. It also has many play areas for the little ones in the family.

Many restaurants and bars, including some very famous and tempting ones, line the promenade in many areas of the extensive beach.

There are many children for yours to play with during all holiday periods. The atmosphere on the beach is very family-friendly in general.

San Juan Beach, Alicante

San Juan Beach

What can be said about San Juan Beach that hasn’t already been said? There is no doubt that one of the best options for going to the beach with children in Alicante is:

The first reason is that it is an enormous beach, about 3 kilometers long and 85 meters wide. With fine, golden sand. It is a very well-maintained beach as it is the crown jewel of tourism in Alicante. It holds a Blue Flag, a SICTED tourist quality seal, with crystal-clear, shallow waters and gentle waves.

When it comes to services, it has them all. Lifeguard stations, foot showers, boardwalks, umbrellas and sunbed rentals, trash bins, recreational amenities for adults such as goalposts, volleyball courts, or fitness equipment.

It is lined with a promenade dotted with restaurants of all kinds, various beach bars, shops, street vendors, parks, resting areas, and everything you may need.

It’s a beach that won’t disappoint you and is always a perfect place to go calmly with your children to enjoy the warmth and have a great time together.

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Beaches to go with children in Alicante

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