Visiting Tabarca Island in Alicante

The waters surrounding Tabarca Island boast excellent quality and biodiversity of flora and fauna, which is why they are designated as a Mediterranean Marine Reserve. Visiting Tabarca Island in Alicante is an unforgettable experience.

The only inhabited island in the Valencian Community is Tabarca Island. This island is located off the coast of the city of Alicante, approximately eleven nautical miles away and near Cape Santa Pola. More than a single island, it’s actually a small group of islands. The largest one is Tabarca Island, and the rest of the archipelago includes islets with names like Cantera, La Galera, and la Nao. The total length of the group of islands is 1800 meters, and they are 400 meters wide.

The History of Tabarca Island

The coasts of Tabarca Island were known for being a refuge for Barbary pirates who carried out their raids along the coast of Alicante during the 18th century. It was King Carlos III who ordered the construction of a fortification and the establishment of a village to house the families of Genoese fishermen who had previously been held captive in the Tunisian city of Tabarka. The walls of the urban nucleus have been declared a Historic-Artistic Ensemble of Cultural Interest.

"How to Organize a Visit to Tabarca Island

A visit to Tabarca Island usually lasts for a day, and from our perspective, the best time to visit Tabarca Island in Alicante is during the summer. The boat that takes you to the island has a varied schedule, and its frequency depends on the season. From the port of Alicante, you can embark on the ferry, and in just one hour, you’ll be on the island. You can also choose other ports, such as Santa Pola or Benidorm.

On the island, you can enjoy its beautiful coves with crystal clear and transparent water, as well as explore an idyllic fishing port with an excellent selection of restaurants. You also have the opportunity to try the island’s typical dish, “el puchero.” We recommend taking a stroll through the town center and visiting the island’s museum. In recent years, some accommodation establishments have opened up, offering you the opportunity to stay on the island.

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Visiting Tabarca Island in Alicante

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