3 plans to do in Mahón

If you’re planning to visit the island of Menorca this summer, we invite you to explore its capital with these 3 plans to do in Mahón.

Located on the eastern end of the island, Mahón stands out for its beautiful historic center, perched on a cliff, which offers spectacular views of its natural harbor, the largest in Europe.

Visiting Mahón is the perfect plan for spending a different day in Menorca away from its beaches.

First, you can start the day by strolling through its picturesque streets while taking amazing photographs. Next, head down to the harbor to have a meal at one of its many restaurants and savor the island’s typical cuisine. Later, go to the Fish Market to have some drinks and enjoy the live music that is often played there.

How to get to Mahón

Mahón, Menorca

There are three ways to get to Mahón: Firstly, about 5 kilometers away is its commercial airport, the only one on the island, which receives direct flights from various cities. From there, you can take bus line 10, which will take you to the city center.

Another way to get to Mahón is by boat, directly to its commercial port. You can also reach Mahón from another point on the island via its main road, either by car or on one of the bus lines.

What can't I miss in Mahón?

The port of Mahón

Port of Mahón

To start, out of the 3 plans to do in Mahón, we recommend its port. Mahon is located on one of the largest natural ports in Europe. Furthermore, due to its strategic location in the Mediterranean, this port has been of great commercial interest throughout history.

The port area is perfect for a leisurely stroll, or to sit at one of the various bars and restaurants along the way, where you can have a meal or a drink while enjoying the beautiful views of the port. Later, as night falls, in the western area, you can find the best party atmosphere in the various nightlife venues.

From the port of Mahón, some boat excursions depart, which offer tours around the area with stops at nearby coves. There are also excursions to the islands located in the middle of the port: King’s Island and “Llatzaret” Island.

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Fish Market

Fish Market

As a second option among the plans to get to know Mahón, we recommend the Fish Market. This market is one of the busiest places in Mahón. As the name suggests, it is a market where you can find the best fresh fish and seafood on the island.

However, this place is more than just a market. Its terraces have become a trendy spot among locals and visitors, as it’s ideal for sharing an afternoon of tapas, skewers, and typical island products with family or friends, all while enjoying cultural activities and live music.

The Mola Fortress

The Mola Fortress

And lastly, among the 3 plans to do in Mahón, we recommend visiting the Mola Fortress.

La Mola is a peninsula at the easternmost point of Spain, right at the entrance of the port of Mahón. Within its enclosure is located one of the largest fortresses built in Europe, ordered by Queen Isabel II in the 19th century with the aim of protecting the island.

This impressive military fortress is now a significant tourist attraction in Menorca, which is open to the public. The place offers the possibility of guided tours or exploring on your own. Additionally, cultural events, concerts, weddings, among others, can also be held here.

During your visit to the Mola Fortress, you can’t miss the breathtaking views of the north coast of the island, the natural entrance to the port of Mahón, and the northern coast. These can be appreciated from the viewpoints located within its premises. 

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3 plans to do in Mahón

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