What you can't miss when visiting La Orotava

This picturesque corner in the Canary Islands, steeped in history and charm, offers visitors an experience that blends colonial architecture with natural exuberance and vibrant festivities. En Runaway Experiences, we invite you to discover with us what you can’t miss when visiting La Orotava.

Before packing your bags, we will guide you through the most iconic places, from the secrets of its gardens to the authentic flavors of its gastronomy. Get ready to unveil all the treasures that this incredible place has reserved for you.

The historic center of La Orotava.

View of Masca

With its cobbled streets that narrate ancient stories and charming squares, the historic center of La Orotava is a living testament to the history of this place. The Church of La Concepción, with its impressive facade and interior filled with artistic details, is just one of the treasures awaiting visitors. The Casa de los Balcones, with its balconies adorned with carved wood, transports visitors to times gone by. Every corner reveals the dedication of this city to preserving its heritage, creating an atmosphere that captivates and enchants.

Exploring the historic center of La Orotava is much more than a stroll; it’s an immersion into the authenticity of a past that endures in every corner, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking to discover the essence of Tenerife.

The Gardens of the Marquisate of La Quinta Roja.

Lo que no te puedes perder al visitar la Orotava
Santiago del Teide

The Gardens of the Marquisate of La Quinta Roja in La Orotava perfectly combine nature with historical elegance. This botanical space, located in the heart of the city, offers visitors an experience of serenity and contemplation.

Surrounded by a rich variety of plants and flowers, the gardens reveal a passion for botany and a dedication to preserving the environment. The well-maintained sculptures and fountains add an artistic touch, creating a harmonious atmosphere that invites strolling and exploration. From its shaded corners to the unfolding panoramic views, every corner of the Gardens of the Marquisate of La Quinta Roja will captivate you. A stroll through these gardens is not only a delight for the senses but also a journey through time that reveals the enduring beauty of La Orotava.

The Corpus Christi Festival

Puerto de la Cruz

The Corpus Christi Festival in La Orotava is a traditional celebration known for its splendor and devotion in Tenerife. Each year, this religious festival attracts locals and visitors alike, becoming a landmark event for the community.

La Orotava dresses up in splendor with carpets of flowers and colored sands that decorate its streets, creating an artistic tapestry that follows the procession route. The Town Hall Square becomes the epicenter of the festivities, where the faithful gather to witness the solemn procession of the Blessed Sacrament. The cultural richness and artistic expression intertwine in this festival, which not only honors the Catholic faith but also highlights the identity and tradition of La Orotava, making it a unique experience that merges the spiritual with the aesthetic.

Local gastronomy

Lo que no te puedes perder al visitar la Orotava
Street in La Orotava

The local gastronomy of La Orotava is a delight for the senses, blending the richness of local products with culinary techniques rooted in Canarian tradition. In this charming corner of Tenerife, authentic flavors and the freshness of ingredients come together to provide a unique culinary experience. From wrinkled potatoes with mojo sauce to dishes of fresh fish, each bite tells a story of the abundant agricultural and marine richness of the region.

The various local restaurants showcase a diverse range of dishes that reflect the gastronomic identity of La Orotava. Among the standout delicacies are delicious arepas, scalded gofio, and traditional desserts such as bienmesabe and sweet potato pastries. Exploring the local gastronomy in La Orotava is a culinary experience that reveals the deep connection between the local community and its distinctive flavors.

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What you can't miss when visiting La Orotava

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