All you need to know about Las Coloradas

Las Coloradas, a hidden treasure on the northern coast of the Yucatán Peninsula, is a picturesque haven that has garnered global attention thanks to its pink-hued lagoons. At Runaway Experiences, we want to invite you to discover with us everything you need to know about Las Coloradas.

You won’t just be captivated by its pink color; you’ll also fall in love with the flamingos that call this place home. Discover the history behind its salt industry, explore the biodiversity that characterizes the region, and learn about local initiatives to preserve this natural treasure. Get ready for a virtual journey through Las Coloradas, where nature unfolds in all its splendor.

The color pink

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The distinctive pink color of Las Coloradas is a visual gift from nature. This extraordinary phenomenon is due to the combination of the high concentration of salt in the lagoons and the presence of microorganisms, such as artemia. These small crustaceans not only contribute to the distinctive pink hue but also serve as a feast for the flamingos that frequent the area.

The intensity of the color varies throughout the day, from soft hues at dawn to more vibrant tones under the sunlight. This is not only a visual beauty but also provides an ideal habitat for the pink flamingos, who find in these waters the perfect environment to feed and thrive.

The production of salt

Todo lo que debes saber sobre Las Coloradas

Las Coloradas also stands out for its thriving salt production industry. The extensive salt flats that stretch along the coast bear witness to a process that has been an integral part of life in this region. The crystalline waters of the lagoons are carefully guided towards the salt flats, where the tropical sun and marine winds play an essential role.

With great care, local workers harvest the salt as the water evaporates, leaving behind shiny crystals that form heaps along the shores. This ancient art of harvesting salt has left an indelible mark on the landscape of Las Coloradas and has contributed both to the local economy and the identity of the community.

The flamingos

Las Coloradas is a sanctuary for flamingos, adding a touch of grace and color to the unique essence of this Mexican corner. These birds, with their long legs and elegant curved necks, find a perfect habitat in the salt lagoons of Las Coloradas. The rich concentration of artemias and other microorganisms in the waters provides flamingos with an abundant nutritional source, contributing to the intensity of their distinctive pink plumage.

During your visit, you can witness flamingos feeding in the shallow waters or resting on the shores. These migratory birds often form a captivating spectacle, transforming Las Coloradas into a bird sanctuary that highlights the connection between natural beauty and wildlife in this corner of the Riviera Maya.

Sustainable tourism

Todo lo que debes saber sobre Las Coloradas

As Las Coloradas has gained popularity, there has been an effort by local authorities to promote sustainable tourism. Mindful of the importance of balancing tourist exploration with environmental conservation, initiatives promoting environmentally-friendly practices have been implemented. Visitors are encouraged to follow designated trails and to respect protected areas to minimize the impact on the local flora and fauna.

Additionally, various local tourism companies have adopted eco-friendly approaches, offering experiences that highlight the importance of conservation and educate about the fragility of this unique ecosystem. This approach to sustainable tourism not only preserves this natural treasure but also contributes to the ongoing well-being of the local community, fostering lasting harmony between tourism and environmental preservation

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All you need to know about Las Coloradas

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