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About us

We know you’re passionate about travel, adventurous, an explorer. And now, after more than 10 years sailing the unsettled seas of tourism and having traversed raging tempests, the most recent one in 2020, we come to you.   

But a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor…  

We are your crew, and Runaway Experiences is your means of travel, through your experiences you can go around the world and still arrive at a safe port.  

Our journey began with Mallorca Runaway, a leisure guide that fits in the palm of your hand. However, the fleet soon increased with Menorca Runaway, Alicante Runaway or Dominican Republic Runaway, among many others…

In this expedition we discovered that it is the experiences along the way that make the journey memorable. From that moment our aim evolved, we don’t only want to sail you to treasure island, we want you to discover it. 

With us you can discover all the experiences your next adventure has to offer, furthermore, on our media and in our blog you can find thousands of recommendations about what to do and where to go. Valid, personal, recommendations because we have lived them.

Do you wish to embark with Runaway Experiences? Sign up totally free and register for your next adventure.

What does the future hold? We will continue to evolve, searching and discovering the best experiences, so you can travel anywhere in the world and, who knows? Maybe one day you will encounter something that will change the world forever.

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